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Greentech plumbing assists both the residential and corporate sector with plumbing services. We also work alongside rental agents, builders, and contractors in providing our services. We go the extra mile in providing our clients with sound plumbing advice, where existing systems may not have been installed up to SANS regulations, saving on the water and geyser bill and the best plumbing solutions were not implemented.

plumbing maintenance services

Leaking & burst systems

Leaking pipes and taps can cause great damage due to water seepage into walls. Leaks are wasteful on water and the utility bill.

Blocked drains

Our high pressure jetter enables us to flush out mud blockages that can build up at any point due to a number of causes.

Ground water drainage

Storm water can cause havoc if not correctly set up to drain. The after effects bring damage to builds, stagnant water, mud, mold, & moss.


We assist with setting your geyser optimally, aid our clients with leaks geyser services and burst geysers.

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